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The Northern Kentucky Writing Project is designed to turn outstanding teachers into outstanding teachers of writing, no matter what their area of specialization. Whether you teach science, history or mathematics, excellent writing can play an enriching role in your classroom, helping both you and your students reach new heights.

When you apply to be a NKWP Fellow, you’re making a commitment to become a more effective writer and, by extension, a better teacher. That is no small accomplishment, and those selected to be Writing Project Fellows are expected to exert themselves in a fulfilling, year-long program of study, training and – most important – writing. The NKWP curriculum is based on the fundamental belief that, in order to teach writing effectively, you must first be an effective writer.

The centerpiece of an NKWP Fellowship is the four week Summer Institute, which brings teachers from school districts across Northern Kentucky to Northern Kentucky University for an intensive set of writer’s workshops and seminars. The Institute is, participants say, a life-changing experience, challenging and fulfilling and energizing in a way that few things are. At the Institute, you’ll write every single day, and you’ll share your writing with the other NKWP fellows in honest, critical discussion. It’s in these workshops where the learning really takes place, and when you’re done you’ll have selected and developed at least one piece of writing for publication in the NKWP Anthology

An NKWP Fellowship is much more that just a four week course, however. It is a year-long program of learning and growth.

The program works; research and the experience of our alumni prove it.

Come be part of the future.

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