family, organized, compassionate, religious, avid reader

By Kim, June 10, 2010 2:59 PM

family, organized, compassionate, religious, avid reader

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  1. Lorie Lech says:

    Have you read anything good lately? I have been reading so much and I can’t stop this summer!

  2. mjohnson says:

    As I read through responses from others in the class and think about what impacts our lives and how we impact others, I find it hard to sum it up in five words. I decided to try it differently, even though I had already posted. The following posts are my mental ramblings while driving in thunderstorms to softball tournaments over the weekend…

  3. mjohnson says:

    Takes more than five words…

  4. mjohnson says:

    I was raised on Elvis.

  5. mjohnson says:

    Mom cried, I told her.

  6. mjohnson says:

    I approach assignments somewhat differently.

  7. mjohnson says:

    Veteran, background player during wars.

  8. mjohnson says:

    Sheads tears during National Anthem.

  9. mjohnson says:

    I’m lucky to be alive.

  10. mjohnson says:

    I’m smarter than I look.

  11. mjohnson says:

    Never stop learning, or teaching.

  12. mjohnson says:

    I lose sleep over writing.

  13. mjohnson says:

    I get lost in music.

  14. mjohnson says:

    Hobbies many, time, not enough.

  15. mjohnson says:

    I don’t sit still much.

  16. mjohnson says:

    I foten work to hard.

  17. mjohnson says:

    Home owner, honey-do list.

  18. mjohnson says:

    Required reading makes me sleepy.

  19. mjohnson says:

    Have kids, life slows down.

  20. mjohnson says:

    Weekends spent at Softball fields.

  21. mjohnson says:

    I “post comments too quickly.”

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