As Long As We’re Talking About Formulaic Writing…

By Tom Johnson, January 29, 2010 10:45 AM

I previously posted How to Blog about formulaic blog construction. This is something about how to put together a television news story. It’s very funny, but it has a dirty word in it so you’ll not want to show it to the kiddies — or even watch it yourself if you’d prefer to avoid the fallout of an entirely gratuitous f-bomb.

If nothing else, it can spur a conversation about whether this website needs Standards & Practices.

One Response to “As Long As We’re Talking About Formulaic Writing…”

  1. Sara Runge says:

    Quite funny but it does make a point. When we pigeon-hole ourselves into following formulas to accomplish a news spot, or in our case writing, it is dry, boring, and not of much interest to anyone. Just proves that we can teach the basics of writing in each genre but not lose the voice and creativity of the writer.

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